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Senin, 19 Feb 2018


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No. Item No. Description
01 Low Shank Adapter

The shank adapter to use the snap on feet.

All Purpose/ Zigzag Foot

This foot is designed to stitch very fine or heavy fabric. It prevents puckering on fine fabrics and skipped stitches on heavy fabric. Use this foot with most utility stitches.

Button Hole

This foot has guidelines added to help with stitch placement. Follow the 4-steps sequence changing from one step to another with the stitch pattern selector dial.
Take care not to sew too many stitches in stages 1 and 3. Use seam reaper and cut buttonhole open from both ends towards the middle.

Satin Stitch Foot

A must-have foot for anyone who desires to sew with satin or decorative stitches. The cutout on the underside of the clear foot is designed to accommodate dense stitch formation and prevents stitches from bunching.

Quilting/ Straight Stitch

Sew "in the ditch" of a seam with this snap on foot. The extended guide helps you stay in the seam while the machine stitches. It's perfect for quilt tops and garment construction on waistband, etc.

Button Sewing on Foot

Holds buttons and snaps in place, allowing good visibility when sewing.

Zipper Font

Used forsewing in zippers, the foot can be moved to sew both sides of the zipper without riding over the zipper coil.

Hemmer/ Roll Hem Foot

Used for light to medium weight fabries, the fot is designed to roll the edge of the fabric into the topside of the hem.

Blind Stitch Foot

The function of this foot is too help guide the fabric when hemming, allowing the needle to pick a small amount of fabric for a perfect hem. With the help of the guide, this foot can also be used for top stitching, edge stitching and pick tuck.

Cording Foot

Attaching decorative cords and thread is a snap. The cording foot keeps the threads under control so both hands can guide the fabric. Choose this foot to create decorative stitching over cording on single and double layers of fabric.

Overcast Foot

The Overcast foot has a pin that prevents puckering when using an overcast stitch on the edge of soft fabric. This stitch can be used to finish off a raw edge or for simultaneously seaming and overcasting.

1/4" Patchwork

For a perfect 1/4" Piecing scam for qualiting piecing, precision sewing or crafts. Place fabric pieces right sides together, edges even. The right hand edge of the foot is even with the fabric edges. Straight stitch with foot edge following fabric edges.

Darning Foot/ Low Shank

This foot especially designed for automated embroidery, free motion quilting, stippling, darning and mending. Skipped stitches are no longer a concern; as the needle moves up and down, so does the spring-loaded foot.

Gathering Foot

The Gathering foot shirrs light fabrics along the edge or in the center of a fabric. These gathers can not be ajusted after there are sewn, Use this foot to gather skirts, make puffing for heirloom work, or even make ruffles for pillow.

Walking Foot

Designed to prevent such fabrics as plaids, stripes, slippery and napped from slipping, shifting and coming up short. Also used in quilting to keep layers even.