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If you like shopping at Trader Joe’s, you should read this.

Key points

  • Trader Joe’s sells many exclusive products that people love.
  • Sometimes products are discontinued for various reasons including cost.
  • A former Trader Joe employee explains how you can tell if an item is discontinued – if it’s been gone for 90 days or more, it’s not coming back.

Trader Joe’s is one of the most popular grocery stores thanks to its affordable prices and exciting line of exclusive products, including holiday-themed and seasonal items. But, if you want to be a smart Trader Joe shopper, you need to know a lot about the retailer’s business practices.

Specifically, a former Trader Joe employee has shared an important secret that could help you determine whether you’ll be able to find your favorite products in the store or end up having to put away your credit cards and leave disappointed.

This Trader Joe’s secret can help you determine if a product is discontinued

According to a former Trader Joe employee who spoke to food website Kitchn, Trader Joe’s products can end up being discontinued even though people love them. Indeed, customer popularity is only one factor in determining whether an item will stay on the shelves.

The former grocery chain employee said other common reasons products stop selling include suppliers becoming unable to meet high levels of demand or products simply becoming too expensive. for Trader Joe’s to keep them on the shelves and sell them at a reasonable price. . Labor issues among vendors could also cause a beloved Trader Joe’s product to stop selling.

Ironically, since the inability to meet high demand could be one of the reasons products are pulled from the shelf, it could mean that certain favored items with tons of customer support end up no longer being sold in certain situations.

So the big question you’re probably asking is how do you know if a Trader Joe item is definitely discontinued or when it will hit the shelves. And there’s a key Trader Joe secret the former employee shared that can help you figure it out.

The former worker said if an item cannot return to store shelves within 90 days of the first delay, it will be considered officially discontinued. While there is a small chance that a new vendor could start making it and a variant of it could return, the sad fact is that the item is gone for good in its current form.

So if you have a product (other than seasonal items) that you like at Trader Joe’s and it’s been 90 days or more since the store was able to stock it, you probably won’t see it again and you will have to start looking for a replacement.

The more information you have, the better off your customer will be.

Knowing this Trader Joe’s secret to when products are discontinued can help you avoid disappointment if you were hoping your favorite products would be back but aren’t sure of the odds.

And that’s just one of the many secrets that can help you become a better marketer. You can also take other actions such as tracking prices in stores and monitoring sales cycles by checking store flyers to determine the best times to buy certain items. Ultimately, the more informed consumer you are, the more inexpensively and efficiently you can shop. And since we all need to eat, it’s worth the effort.

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