5 Holiday Gifts That Come With Hidden Costs

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Choose wisely.

Key points

  • Some holiday gifts require the recipient to shell out more money, and perhaps even their time and heart.
  • The new game console will require games to play on it, as well as other accessories.
  • Giving the gift of owning a pet should be seriously considered and discussed before moving forward.

The winter holidays are fast approaching, but there’s still time to find the perfect gift! Looking for the best cheap gifts? Maybe you are looking for an amazing gift for a special friend. I know you will find the right one. There are a few freebies, however, that come with strings attached – in the form of additional hidden costs to the recipient. You might want to think about these before withdrawing your credit card.

1. Technology purchases

Everyone wants the latest tablet, smartphone or video game console, right? Have you considered that the initial cost for donating new electronics is really just the beginning? If you’ve decided to crack for a shiny new toy, note that the recipient will need to cover games, apps, a case or stand, and maybe even a new data plan that costs more than their old phone. . Be sure to let them know that there are ways to save on games for the new console or computer.

2. Plane tickets

Giving someone a flight can be a wonderful (and extravagant) gift, but unless you’re including the rest of the vacation costs with the airfare, make sure your recipient can afford those costs. Maybe you know they’ve already saved up money for their hotel room, food, and some souvenirs, and you just want to get them over the finish line of the vacation fund. At the very least, your loved one may have to shell out money to check bags or buy food on the plane.

3. Spa package or similar luxury day

Are you planning to purchase a day spa trip for that special someone? Note that many spa packages do not include tipping (according to Real Simple, you should expect to tip 20% of the cost of services; if you purchased a very comprehensive package, tipping could indeed be expensive) . And consider what might be needed for your gift to be happily enjoyed. Does the beneficiary have children who will need a babysitter? Are they working long hours and wouldn’t be able to fit in that spa appointment, and maybe they’d need to skip work for it?

4. Pets

We have reached a major moment of the STOP sign. It’s rarely a good idea to give someone the gift of owning a pet. There are, of course, exceptions. If you have discussed the animal and its care ahead of time and the animal is definitely wanted, you may consider it. Otherwise, I wouldn’t recommend it. Pets can be a huge emotional and physical responsibility that not everyone wants or is ready to take on. And don’t forget the financial aspect of owning a pet. I have three cats who are mostly healthy, but anything can happen at any time resulting in a big vet bill. While it’s a good idea to save an emergency pet fund, your gift recipient may not have. They might also be unwilling or unable to afford pet insurance.

5. A car

Buying a car, as a gift for someone else, in today’s car market? Even if the car is fully prepaid, its new driver will still be responsible for insuring and maintaining it. And insurance rates are on the rise and are not expected to fall in 2023.

Any of the five types of secretly expensive gifts above might actually be perfect for someone on your list, and maybe they’re all set to buy travel chargers, pay for luggage registered or take primary responsibility for a new pet. But don’t assume – check with the potential recipient of a gift like this before purchasing.

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