Weekday Wrap: Oregon Still Feels Drought;  foreign markets within reach of state food and beverage manufacturers

Weekday Wrap: Oregon Still Feels Drought; foreign markets within reach of state food and beverage manufacturers

Precipitation lags in Oregon as drought persists

Hot, dry weather persisted through mid-October, driving an early rainfall deficit across most of Oregon’s river basins, especially those in the central and southern parts of the state, where drought conditions are the worst. But climate experts say there’s still plenty of time to catch up and La Nina could bring lots of rain and mountain snow this winter to the Pacific Northwest. Every drop of moisture is needed, said Oregon State climatologist Larry O’Neill. “We need at least an average amount of precipitation and average temperatures,” O’Neill said. “We (also) desperately need the snowpack to be above average, and we need that snowpack to stay past April 1.” (George Plaven/Capital Press)

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OSU researchers find overseas potential for Oregon food and beverage makers

Oregon’s food and beverage industry faces big challenges finding export opportunities, but it also holds great promise, according to a new study by researchers at Oregon State University. Jeff Reimer, an OSU professor and study co-author, said those challenges include language, customs, safety standards and the metric system. One way to overcome them, he said, is for companies to dedicate a few employees to working exclusively in export markets. Reimer said Oregon’s wine and craft beer industries have great potential as overseas buyers continue to be interested in the industry’s “quality over quantity” approach. (Brian Bull/KLCC)

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Klamath Falls teens face baseball team hazing charges

Three teenagers are facing criminal charges in Washington for an alleged hazing and assault incident involving a Klamath Falls Falcons baseball teammate at a tournament in August. The case involves an alleged incident and assault at a hotel in Ephrata, Wash., where the three teenagers are accused of harassing and accosting their 15-year-old teammate during a baseball tournament. ‘summer. The younger teammate said the older teenagers, aged 17 and 18, tried to sexually humiliate and accost him in his hotel room during the tournament. (Mike Sunnucks/Herald and News)

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Clark County certifies its election results, confirming Perez’s victory

Clark County says it has certified all of its midterm election ballots — even as a Republican congressional candidate in southwest Washington pursues an election challenge. The Colombian newspaper reports that Clark County saw more than 5,500 ballots contested for signature issues in this election. About 3,000 of those ballots were rigged. The county is the most populous in Washington’s 3rd congressional district, which saw Democrat Marie Gluesenkamp-Perez win a surprise victory from the longtime Republican seat. Far-right Republican Joe Kent lost that race and closely aligned himself with former President Trump and questioned the integrity of elections across the country. Kent says he is considering asking for a 3rd District recount, even though he lost by more than 2,600 votes. The Colombian calculates that the recount could cost Kent up to $80,000. (Lauren Ellenbecker/The Colombian)

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Woman charged with threatening children and making racist remarks in Medford park

A woman is facing felony bias and use of weapons charges after allegedly brandishing a large metal pipe and accosting three boys playing basketball in a Medford park, while making statements about the race an 11-year-old child during the confrontation. The father of two of the children, who had taken the boys to the park, witnessed the altercation and called the police. He told police he intervened before the woman could swing her pipe at the 11-year-old and her 5-year-old son. Once at the scene, police found the metal pipe believed to be involved in the altercation, along with the suspect in the park, according to a court affidavit. (Nick Morgan/Medford Tribune)

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