This Great Retailer Has a Holiday Price Match Guarantee That Could Save You Money

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Want to save on your holiday shopping? Of course you do.

Key points

  • Many of us are doing the majority of our holiday shopping right now.
  • Take advantage of price match guarantees during the holiday season if you want to maximize your savings.
  • Target’s Holiday Price Match Guarantee offers price matching through December 24.

During the holiday season, many of us shop more than usual. Whether you’re shopping for gifts for others or making essential purchases that you’ve been putting off all year, holiday sales can help you spend less money at checkout. But you could get an even better deal by taking advantage of price match guarantees. A popular retailer you’re probably already shopping at is offering a Holiday Price Match Guarantee that could help you save.

The target wants you to get a lot

Did you know that 75% of the American population lives within 10 miles of a Target store? You probably do at least some of your shopping at Target. If you’re considering shopping for holiday gifts at Target, you’ll want to know about the retailer’s Holiday Price Match Guarantee.

Here are the important details:

If you purchase an item from Target, whether in-store or online, and the price is reduced at Target on or before December 24, 2022, you can request a price match. You must present proof of purchase. Although most items are eligible, there are some exclusions. So check out the details of the policy.

Target’s Holiday Price Match Guarantee runs from October 6, 2022 through December 24, 2022. This policy could help you get a better deal on an expensive purchase.

Keep this information in mind when shopping. It’s not a bad idea to monitor the prices of items you’ve recently purchased from Target. The Target mobile app is a valuable resource that can help you view product prices in seconds, so it doesn’t take much effort to get a better deal.

Four more ways to save money and earn rewards at Target

With higher than usual prices everywhere we look, many of us are on a tight budget this winter. Every little bit of money saved can make a big difference in helping you stay on track financially.

Below are some tips to help you get a good deal when shopping at Target:

  1. Join the Target Circle Rewards program to earn rewards: Target’s free rewards program could help you keep more money in your bank account. When you shop at Target, whether online or in person, you’ll earn 1% cash back on qualifying purchases. Past earnings are applied as a discount on your shopping bill, saving you money every time you shop.
  2. Clip offers to get discounts: Members of the Target Circle Rewards program can also take advantage of fantastic offers. In the Target mobile app, you can clip Target Circle offers. You get a discount when you click on an offer and buy a qualifying item. For example, members can get 20% off Gingerbread Houses and Cookie Kits right now.
  3. Use the mobile app and sales flyers to shop: Target does a great job describing its sale items in its sales flyers and in its mobile app. You can better plan your Target shopping and take advantage of sales by using these tools when creating your shopping list.
  4. Paying with a rewards credit card: When you use the Target Red Card, you can get a 5% discount. This discount is an additional 4% beyond the standard 1% discount offered through the Target Circle Rewards program. If you don’t have this credit card, there are other rewards credit cards that could help you earn valuable rewards.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with holiday spending, you’re not alone. But you might be able to save money by being strategic. By finding small ways to save and earn valuable rewards, you can better stick to your personal financial goals, even during an expensive time of year.

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