5 holiday gifts you can find at Aldi

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Bring the chocolate truffles (affordable).

Key points

  • Aldi has stores in 36 states and 90% of the items it sells are private label.
  • Right now, Aldi has a great selection of holiday treats you can pick up at low prices.
  • Look for cheese-stuffed olives, chocolate truffles, and gingerbread construction kits.

My small town (and surrounding metro area) is home to not one, not two, but THREE Aldi locations, and luckily for me, Aldi has some wonderful vacation deals this year. And best of all, they have a sale price, which means I can fill my cart and not walk away with a huge credit card balance.

If you’ve never considered shopping at Aldi before, I recommend checking it out. Aldi has nearly 2,000 locations in 36 states, and 90% of its offerings are private label—that is, made by Aldi for Aldi. The store is focused on selling great products at low prices, and in these days of high inflation, many of us can use all the help we can get to save money on food. In November, Aldi made headlines when it offered a Thanksgiving price rollback to help consumers fight inflation with a return to 2019 prices. Read on to find great winter holiday products which I discovered on a recent shopping trip to Aldi.

1. Delicatessen Accessories

In my Aldi store, I discovered a whole mouthpiece dedicated to deli supplies. Two of the most interesting items I picked up were the Jalapeno Jack Cheese Stuffed Olives ($2.98) and a set of cheese spreads ($7.99). I’ll be the first to admit I’m an olive freak, and while it’s easy to find feta stuffed olives, I’ve never seen them with pepper jack before. And the spread set includes fig and honey, pear and cinnamon, apricot and cumin, cherry and rosemary spreads, plus recommendations on which cheese to pair them with. the best. I’m already looking forward to the charcuterie plate that I’m going to put together with these items!

2. Chocolate truffles

If you like fine European chocolates at reasonable prices, Aldi has you covered all year round, but on my holiday shopping expedition I found a great selection of different boxes that would be perfect for gifting…or keeping it all for. you. For $4.49 each, I scored two different boxes of 16 Deluxe European Chocolate Truffles, and they feature flavors like Sea Salt Caramel and Strawberry Rhubarb.

3. Fancy cookies

Maybe cookies are faster, or you’re planning a holiday party and you’d rather buy holiday cookies than spend all day in the kitchen baking them. You can find milk chocolate covered butter cookies for $2.65 – they are cookie type cookies but with a chocolatey finish. And I absolutely had to have the peppermint creams covered in fudge for $3.49. How could I resist chocolate covered peppermint sandwich cookies?

4. Chocolate Covered Pretzels

If you can cover it in chocolate, Aldi has it this holiday season. For $5.99, you can score a box of assorted Gourmet chocolate-covered pretzel twists. These are even beautifully decorated and would make a great gift for the foodie in your life. (Or if that’s you, for yourself.)

5. Gingerbread Kits

Finally, if you have kids and are looking for a fun family activity, I highly recommend heading to Aldi to score some gingerbread building kits. These are limited edition and Aldi offers both a train and a home kit. They’re $7.85 each, which is a really good deal for something that’s part food and part art project.

Money is tight for many people this year, and especially during the holidays when there’s always so much pressure to spend on gifts, decor, and food. If you need festive foods to complete your holiday party or fill your pantry for the long cold winter ahead (ahem) but don’t want to break your budget, be sure to add a stop at Aldi. to your to-do list.

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